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Top Offences for Abloads from CMPG (Central Motorway Police Group)

9 Jun 2022 09:18 | Anonymous

Following engagement with CMPG (Central Motorway Police Group), the HTA have been advised of the following top offences when Abloads are stopped at the roadside on their patch:-

Movement orders

  • No movement order in place
  • Incorrect information on movement order (vehicle registration, operator’s licence missing, route, load being carried, weights of load).
  • Not waiting 2 or 5 clear days after submitting movement order (eg submit on Thursday – then Friday is day 1, Saturday Sunday do not count, Monday is day 2, move on Tuesday)


  • Drivers not adhering to the route on the movement order or haven’t even seen the movement order.
  • Driver unaware of prescribed route as no access to movement order, (we only require a digital version to be viewed roadside, as an email ).

Marker Boards

  • No marker boards or dirty
  • Incorrect distance from load
  • Incorrect dimensions; shape

Load Security

  • Poor condition straps or chains, not correctly stored on the trailer or within the cab.
  • Weight of load not distributed correctly
  • Incorrect trailer type for load, STGO or C&U

STGO Board

  • No STGO board displayed
  • Incorrect size STGO board; incorrect size of characters


  • No attendant when size of load requires one by Law

Of course, falling foul of these identified issues could render you liable for prosecution under C&U Regulations, and or parked up for a prescribed period.  We would always recommend adhering to all STGO schedules for the safe and suitable movements of Abloads.  Make the short notice phone calls and more importantly gain the permission to move from the authorities concerned.

The association is here to support its members with any areas on compliance in STGO or wide C&U moves that you may require.

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