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European Parliament supports harmonisation of rules on indivisible loads - ESTA PRESS RELEASE, 12 March 2024

14 Mar 2024 14:21 | Anonymous

The HTA wholeheartedly welcomes the announcement by ESTA that the EU Parliament supports harmonisation of national rules and removal of administrative and operational bottlenecks on indivisible loads (see ESTA Press Release below).

HTA Chairman, Marcus Gough commented "We are delighted with this news and send our congratulations to our ESTA colleagues who have worked towards this goal for several years.  Our members are crucial for the prosperity of the UK economy through their work in the renewable energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, heavy industry and power generation sectors.  The fact that the European Parliament recognises the importance of harmonising Abload moves across borders should act as a clarion wake up call to UK notifiable enforcement to act in synergy.  Abnormal load transport is an international business that regularly crosses borders."

Gough continues, warning "Of late, UK enforcement agencies has become more, rather than less dysfunctional for Abload movements; and whilst this announcement still remains very good news, especially for our members with international operations, the UK is clearly no longer an EU member.  We therefore strongly urge UK Government to recognise the very real economic cost implications to UK Plc of not acting harmoniously with our closest trading bloc on this issue".

The HTA was formed over 40yrs ago to represent the interests of a sector coping with unclear, inconsistent regulation and enforcement.

ESTA (European Association for Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes) is the leading European association for the abnormal road transport and mobile crane rental industry with members in 27 countries. The HTA are ESTAs UK representatives and held the presidency of ESTA (former HTA Chairman, David Collett) for a record 9 years.

ESTA Press Release 3 2024.pdf

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