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Important update from West Midlands Police on paying for police escorts

5 Apr 2024 08:44 | Anonymous

West Midlands Police has clarified their position on the escorting of abnormal loads by police in their force area.

Hauliers had reported that the force insisted firms moving abnormal loads must request and pay for officers to escort them on every occasion where the force deemed it necessary, regardless of whether they felt they needed them.

West Midlands Police Chief Constable has confirmed that operators are not mandated to hire police officers to escort abnormal loads as a matter of course in their area, and there should always be other options available.

Hauliers must notify police when they’re moving abnormal loads when specific dimensions and or weight thresholds are reached but are free to ‘self-escort’ unless they feel they need to pay for officers to assist.

If ANY police force in England or Wales has INSISTED you pay for officers to escort a load since 8 April 2024, if you did not intend to, please bring to our attention using this simple online form (also open to non-members).

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