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GMP Embargo

27 Feb 2019 12:49 | Anonymous

The HTA received an email on the 27 February 2019 which gave notification of a blanket movement embargo imposed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on all abnormal loads during peak periods.  The embargo is for all categories of abnormal loads yet mobile cranes up to and including 5 axle which could weigh 60 ton gross ‘dry’ weight and with ballast likely to weigh 80 tons are excluded.  STGO CAT1s are embargoed even though they weigh significantly less than mobile cranes.

Also, on a motorway the lane limit is 3m so a CAT 1 is not taking up any additional space.  The HTA sent a letter to GMP on the 2 May explaining that CAT 1 AILs are being stopped for no apparent reason and asked for a revision of the blanket ban.  We received acknowledgement of the letter by way of return on the 14 May and now await a full response.

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